—  Entrées  —

vegetarian kababs & appetizers

—  Dahi ke Kabab   
Crispy Yogurt Dumplings (5pc) $10.95

 Potato Globe Channa Chaat  
Tangy Crispy Potato Spheres and Chickpeas (4 pc)  $8.95

—  Onion-Kale Pakora and Avocado  Tacos 
Onion &  Kale Fritters in Chickpea Batter (4 pc) $9.95

  Nadru (Lotus Root) ke Shami Kabab
Pan Grilled Spiced Patties of Fresh Lotus Root (4 pc) $10.95

—  Tandoori Malai Gobhi   
Roasted Cauliflower, Crispy Onion (5 pc)$9.95

—  Ajwaini Paneer Tikka  
Grilled Indian Cheese and Bell Peppers(6 pc) $13.95

—  Tandoori Stuffed Mushroom Shaslik  
Spinach, Cream Cheese, Peppers (5-6 pc)  $10.95


Non Vegetarian Kababs & Appetizers

—  P(F)udina Fish Tikka   
Catfish Grilled with Indian Spices & Mint $17.95

 Fish Amritsari  
Crispy Red Chili Enhanced Spicy Fish  from Amritsar, Punjab $17.95

—  Chicken Malai Tangri  
Cream Cheese Marinated Roast Chicken Drumsticks  $14.95

—  Lemon-Chili Chicken Tikka 
Kaffir lime accented Grilled Chicken Tenders (6-8 pc) 15.95

—  Juicy Angaarey Chicken Tikka 
Grilled Spicy  Chicken Tenders   $15.95

—  Chicken Reshmi Seekh Kabab 
Minced Chicken Kababs Grilled on Skewers  $14.95

—  Lucknow Style ‘Galauti’ Kabab 
Originally made for a toothless Nawab (King), Melt in your mouth Pan Grilled Lamb Patties on Mini Nan $18.95

Chef Casley ki Pasli  
Chef’s Special Tandoor Grilled Lamb Chops. 4 pc $26.95

Goat Gilafi Seekh Kabab
Minced Goat meat mixed with bell peppers and onions grilled on skwers. $16.95


Vegetarian Main Course

—  Punjabi Matar Paneer Bhurjee  —
Spicy Scramble of Indian Cheese & English Peas $15.95

Baigan bhindi aur mirchi ka salan
eggplant , okra and long pepper in spicy peanut and coconut sauce $12.95

—  Paneer Butter Masala —
Fresh Indian Cheese in a Tomato-Cream Sauce $14.95

—  Kwality Style Pindi Channa  —
Chickpeas cooked with  Recipe of ‘Legendary’ Kwality Restaurant in Delhi, India $13.95

—  Jackfruit ‘Kathal’ Biryani   —
The Meaty Textured Vegetable ‘Jackfruit’ is the star of this Rice Dish  $13.95

—  Dal Makhani   —
The Favorite Creamy Lentils from North India  $11.95

—  Toor Masur “Double Tadka’ Dal
Homestyle Yellow Lentils with Tamarind   $11.95

—  Lehsooni Tadka Saag with Onion Pakora  —
Spinach with Cumin-Garlic Tempering topped with Crispy Onion Fritters $12.95

Non-Vegetarian Main Course

 Ghee Roast Lamb  —
Tender Meat Pulled from Whole Leg of Lamb in a Robust Brown Sauce $21.95

— Fisherman’s Shrimp Curry —

Ultimate Coastal Curry with Onion, Goner-Garlic, Tomatoes and Coconut $20.95

—  Butter Chicken  —
You Got This! $16.95

 Chicken Xacutti 
A marriage of roasted spices comes together in this unique ‘on the bone' chicken curry from Goa, India $16.95

—  Goat Curry  
North Indian style, on the bone goat curry


 Goat Dum Biryani    —
Seasoned Goat ‘on the bone’ with Basmati Rice Served in a Dough Sealed Pot $18.95

 Chicken Dum Biryani    —
Seasoned Chicken ‘on the bone’  and Basmati Rice served in a Dough Sealed Pot $16.95


—  Breads n Sides —

—  Plain Pulao Rice

—  Nan   —
Plain $2.95| Butter $3.45| Garlic $3.95

—  Paratha  —
Laccha | Pudina $3.95

—  Stuffed Bread—
Onion | Potato | Paneer $4.95

—  Roti —

—  Cucumber & Mint Raita—

—  Dessert  —

Over Time! - You Can’t leave with Salt in your mouth!

—  Oye Teri’ Kulfi  —
Ask For our exotic flavors! $6.95

—  Jalebi Caviar on Rabdi  —

—  Ice Cream  —
Vanilla | Chocolate $3.95

Jalebi Caviar.jpg

party trays

Group Dining Menu

If you have any allergies or dietary restrictions please contact us.