—  Entrées  —

vegetarian kababs & appetizers

—  Dahi ke Kabab   
Crispy Yogurt Dumplings

 Potato Globe Channa Chaat  
Tangy Crispy Potato Spheres and Chickpeas 

—  Onion-Kale Pakora and Avocado  Tacos 
Onion &  Kale Fritters in Chickpea Batter

  Nadru (Lotus Root) ke Shami Kabab
Pan Grilled Spiced Patties of Fresh Lotus Root 

—  Tandoori Malai Gobhi   
Roasted Cauliflower, Crispy Onion

—  Ajwaini Paneer Tikka  
Grilled Indian Cheese and Bell Peppers

—  Tandoori Stuffed Mushroom Shaslik  
Spinach, Cream Cheese, Peppers


Non Vegetarian Kababs & Appetizers

—  Grilled Mahi Mahi   
Tandoor Grilled Mahi Mahi Marinated with Sharp Mustard Accents

 Fish Amritsari  
Crispy Red Chili Enhanced Spicy Cod Fish  from Amritsar, Punjab

—  Chicken Malai Tikka 
Cream Cheese Marinated Roast Chicken Tenders 

—  Lemon-Chili Chicken Tikka 
Kaffir lime accented Grilled Chicken Tenders

—  Juicy Angaarey Chicken Tikka 
Grilled Spicy  Chicken Tenders

—  Chicken Reshmi Seekh Kabab 
Minced Chicken Kababs Grilled on Skewers 

—  Lucknow Style ‘Galauti’ Kabab 
Originally made for a toothless Nawab (King), Melt in your mouth Pan Grilled Lamb Patties on Mini Nan

Chef Casley ki Pasli  
Chef’s Special Tandoor Grilled Lamb Chops 

Chicken Chop aka Chaap
Tandoor Grilled Chicken Lollipops seasoned with chef’s special Marinade


Vegetarian Main Course

—  Punjabi Matar Paneer Bhurjee  —
Spicy Scramble of Indian Cheese & English Peas

Baigan bhindi aur mirchi ka salan
Eggplant , okra and long pepper in spicy peanut and coconut sauce

—  Paneer Butter Masala —
Fresh Indian Cheese in a Tomato-Cream Sauce

—  Kwality Style Pindi Channa  —
Chickpeas cooked with  Recipe of ‘Legendary’ Kwality Restaurant in Delhi, India

—  Jackfruit ‘Kathal’ Biryani   —
The Meaty Textured Vegetable ‘Jackfruit’ is the star of this Rice Dish

—  Dal Makhani   —
The Favorite Creamy Lentils from North India 

—  Toor Masur “Double Tadka’ Dal
Homestyle Yellow Lentils with Tamarind 

—  Lehsooni Tadka Saag with Onion Pakora  —
Spinach with Cumin-Garlic Tempering topped with Crispy Onion Fritters

Non-Vegetarian Main Course

 Ghee Roast Lamb  —
Tender Meat Pulled from Whole Leg of Lamb in a Robust Brown Sauce

 Fisherman’s Shrimp Curry  —
Ultimate Coastal Curry with Onion, Goner-Garlic, Tomatoes and Coconut

—  Butter Chicken  —
You Got This! 

 Chicken Xacutti 
A marriage of roasted spices comes together in this unique ‘on the bone' chicken curry from Goa, India

—  Goat Curry  
North Indian style, on the bone goat curry

 Goat Dum Biryani    —
Seasoned Goat ‘on the bone’ with Basmati Rice Served in a Dough Sealed Pot

 Chicken Dum Biryani    —
Seasoned Chicken ‘on the bone’  and Basmati Rice served in a Dough Sealed Pot


—  Breads n Sides —

—  Nan   —
Plain | Butter | Garlic

—  Plain Pulao Rice

—  Paratha  —
Laccha | Pudina

—  Stuffed Bread—
Onion | Potato | Paneer

—  Roti —

—  Cucumber & Mint Raita—

—  Dessert  —

Over Time! - You Can’t leave with Salt in your mouth!

—  Oye Teri’ Kulfi  —
Ask For our exotic flavors!

—  Jalebi Caviar on Rabdi  —

—  Gulab Jamun on Rabdi  —

—  Ice Cream  —
Vanilla | Chocolate

Jalebi Caviar.jpg

party trays

Group Dining Menu

If you have any allergies or dietary restrictions please contact us.